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Creating an absolute product made simpler with Wowdevelopers. Our agency eradicates all the odds of success and pursues the key ingredients for the making of a complete product. Our dedicated team guides you at every step to accomplish the company’s goal. Our services assist you with sublime strategies and noble ideas. In short, make your project bodacious with ease. The business ingredients and users ordinance are all necessitated. Our services your directions are complementary. Let’s dive in.


Web Design



Static websites are web pages with motionless content, it is a more kind of descriptive representation of a company’s model. This concept runs around the idea of ideal web pages to its audience without

change in content. The content on the website isn’t altered unless changed by back-ends. This is perfect for clients on small projects' behalf, it becomes difficult when it comes to managing a huge load of websites. This concept epitomizes template-oriented website buildings. Static websites are handy when it comes to building them, no prior programming knowledge is required. These websites are created through structures of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Static data are lightweight, cheap, and cost-efficient, hence institutions are shifted to static websites. It is more affordable compared to dynamic websites, the web hosting process is very simple and user-friendly. Static websites are known for their scalability, which means no reauthorization is further required. Due to the lightweight concept, it is very fast compared to other protocols. Static websites are considered as one of the most secure web forums, with low dependencies on database ethics and back-ends. These websites are high-performing sites compared to dynamic ones. Static websites stand out in the market due to their exotic flexibility in web designing. Wowdeveloper leverages you with vivid options to start your website, our compelling web templates may astonish you. Wowdeveloper working team ensures you a hassle-free service. Our CDN hosting enables you hassle-free services across the globe, it renders your website accordingly to the location.

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Dynamic websites are versatile, they adapt themselves according to the need of the user. Interactive visuals attract more customers to the webpage and

foster trust. This architecture uses more of the programming aspect, dynamic websites run on PHP, .NET, ASP, and many more. Dynamic websites are easier to maintain hence many large websites are dynamic. Dynamic websites change their content according to users' requests, these websites at the back-end require high maintenance of databases. This architecture is the modern weapon of the corporate, several MNCs use this website architecture to convey their business model to the world. These websites are flexible and timely-classic to the date, the owner can request any kind of changes and update them easily. These websites are easily SEO optimized, as contents are updated regularly. Dynamic websites have integrated search engines to let the visitor explore the webpage, and are optimized in real-time. It has effective User Management control architecture. The dynamic website supports the advertisement on it, to generate extra revenue from it. These websites are user-friendly, and CMS exterminate the need for manual editing of content on the sites. This website enables end-users to book an order on the site. Cross-platform protocol enhances the dynamicity of the web pages. Wowdevelopers web development team will assist you to create your best dynamic site, we ensure you affordable pricing hosts for websites. Top-notch animation and creative layouts for your business models enjoy personalized browsing. Our secure database managing system facilitates your business workings.

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Diversify your sales and attract more customers. Grow your business online, take a larger leap from the traditional business style. It is crucial to expand your business online for further escalation.

Scalability is one of the devastating factors responsible for business wars in the industry. Modern business models are moving from traditional style to digital commercialization. E-commerce websites have a great contribution to globalization this decade. Empower your audience through creative marketing campaigns. To sustain a saturation market in this digital era your company has to be specific while providing the audience what they want, to fulfill all these criteria establishment of an e-commerce site is a necessity. E-commerce websites leverage customers to make their favorite purchases relaxing on their sofas. Online shopping has eradicated the traditional long queue billing system, and through this portal, you can increase your distribution channel. Now it’s your turn to dazzle in the market, the scope of e-commerce is expectedly large. E-commerce websites provide several protocols for the users such as B2B, B2C, B2A, C2C, C2B, C2A to go with. This platform leverages the user flexibility to sell and buy goods, provide services and sell digital products. With an e-commerce website, you can tackle the need of your audience through demand and supply. Transactions are made easy due to advancements in digital money architecture, which enables your website to open a payment gateway for transactions. Management has been simpler for shipment and delivery through back-end services. There is a bright future for e-commerce in the upcoming decade. Through your website, customers leverage a choice factor, can compare products for shopping. The establishment of your business will strengthen your company’s brand value. An E-commerce website creates opportunities to know more about your target audience and to analyze their behaviors, which builds up room for improvement. Through this website, you extend your territory and create more franchises. Wowdevelopers and team offer a wide range of choices to work on your exemplary ideas and convey your business model through websites. Our secure DBMS servers give your website a hassle-free seamless service. We provide you best SEO-friendly web environment to rank your website to the top. Wowdevelopers can make your website convenient and interactive. Turn your website into a commercial beast by annexing with our agency.

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Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is one type of a Long Term marketing policy. In technical terms is the process of enhancing the visibility of the website on the web when the customer is fetching your products over search engines.

Enhanced visuality of your website and attract more customers and retain old customers. SEO is one of the important keys that decides the sustainability of your business in the saturated market. When it comes to SEO, keywords are still crucial for the ranking of your website on search engines. Keywords specificity helps your website to get the end-users what they are looking for. Content optimization is a necessity to gain the organic lead and reach. The search architecture works in a manner to emerge with relevant and efficient searches from the web. It isn’t wrong to state that SEO is the elementary part of this huge digital marketing ocean. The consumer generally searches for their product on the web with commercial intent to purchase the goods or services. An optimized SEO website is worth a huge push-start in the competition, it almost kills all the competitors by acquiring the top position in web search lists. SEO helps you to build trust and belief systems in customers, and your company is more reliable and trustworthy. SEO proffers good ROI(Returns-on-Investment), Maximizes the PPC(Pay-per-click) strategies to boost your revenue. SEO is like a navigator which guides the end-users to your website to perform certain actions. This process generates huge web traffic on your website so that customers won’t miss out on important opportunities. SEO is the sure-shot for the growth of your brand. SEO gives you authority and creates a sense of authenticity, genuineness, and relevance among customers. It leaves a positive customer experience after every visit. The longer the page load time higher will be the bounce rate of customers. Wowdevelopers SEO team facilitates with all three sub-branches Technical SEO, On-site SEO, Off-site SEO. Our agency technical team can generate organic leads and clicks on your website. Now it is your turn to anticipate your thoughts on this.

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Search Engine Marketing:

Similar to SEOs is also another type of digital marketing strategy used by modern business companies to increase the visibility of their website in SERPs and grow their business in the competitive marketplace. SEM increases brand

awareness. It is more of a promotion-based strategy rather than an optimization. SEM can be operated through various techniques as Keywords specificity, content marketing, paid advertisements, and different back-end tools. As mentioned keywords are very crucial for rankings of a website, it provides the end-users what they are looking for. The use of a specific keyword that meets the requirement of the product demand in the market can earn you a click on your website, It gives the back-end a scope for improving their content quality and improving the SERPs. Search engine marketing is referred to as paid search marketing technique, you can put commercial ads on your website. These commercial ads work on PPC(Pay-Per-Click) module, it generates a healthy amount of revenue for your website and also increases your ranking on search engines. SEM is the best return on investment and gives you the most out of your budget. The ultimate goal of the business campaign is to get good economic results, SEM generates high conversion rates in a short span. You can be more location generic while advertising ads to attract a specific geographic targeted audience. SEM is most accustomed to digital marketing due to its expeditious delivery of results and consistent traffic generation. Not only does it attracts huge traffics, but it also brings out the right traffic. It gives your company a competitive advantage when your e-commerce campaign leverages cross-platform facilities. This strategy enables you to track and measure progress and growth. If you are looking for a search engine marketing or digital ads solution, our digital solution campaign would be of your use. Our optimized search engines would be the solution you were looking for.

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Email Marketing:

Without any doubt, Email marketing is the most beneficial direct marketing channel. Email marketing has been a timely classic for decades, the sole purpose of this campaign is to make the customers aware of the new products, deals, and sale offers.

Keeping your customers aware of each product and service creates a sense of importance, and builds up a healthy relationship. Emails always stay in touch with their customers in real-time. It allows you to target your specific audience. This awareness keeps your customers loyal and engaged in this campaign. This marketing program is best in terms of ROI(Return-On-Investment). This marketing strategy is very effective for commercial use and used for scalability. Through this channel, you can promote your business at ease. The rise of automation efforts can reduce your business manual labor force, and reduce the cost of investment. The right emails on the correct hands drive them to visit the website and take action. Email marketing has been proven to have higher conversion rates. Emails are divided into two kinds informative and promotion-based emails. Email is still much efficient as it used to be, the affordability factor dominates this campaign to become the ideal weapon for digital marketing. Email marketing has a high click-through rate, more than 60% of regular email readers are mobile users. Smartphones are the future of email marketing, it provides comfort and a compact platform to convert their action. Email provides a personalized and custom experience to their audience. It's time to boost your business now, our Wowdevelopers team provides you affordable ESP(Email service provider) to activate this master digital marketing strategy. We avoid unnecessary spamming of emails and targets beneficial customers. Undoubtedly email market has a huge gross margin of approximately 4400% ROI(Returns on investment). Now annex with our agency and start your email marketing.

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Search Media Optimization:

Social media keeps everyone updated and has a significant power to influence the generations. Willingly or unwillingly social media is one of the most fatal tools for the business. Social media marketing is based on creating buzz about your brand’s product in the market,

to increase the company’s growth. It has various channels to publish ads for the promotion of your brand and its products. SMO ensures new visitors to their site now and then. This campaign generously increases the organic leads and visitors to your websites. SMO enables sharing and engaging audiences in their product, it has been proven that social media posts are on top SERPs for the relevant products. SMO helps your brand to build trust and create a strong presence among customers. Almost everyone is on social media which consists of a huge part of a whole, which creates opportunities to commercialize your business for an immensely large audience. SMO are cost-effective and do have higher ROI, due to their huge size it generates enormous leads for your company without extra investments. Organic leads can result in a higher ranking of your websites in SERPs. Give your product’s sponsorship to the top social media influencer, they can promote your brand effectively. Many brands leverage memes to create a presence in the digital market, contents are shared among users’ friends, family, and connections through the viral marketing strategy. It was quite effective for generations of organic leads. Our marketing consultant team will assist you at every step of your strategy to make the most out of it. More reach is directly proportional to more conversion, hence the Wowdevelopers team ensures you create relevant content worth sharing to general organic search results. We ensure you the best and most effective investments strategy to run your company’s business campaign. Join our agency to leverage every benefit now.

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Content Marketing

With proper content marketing, a small business can outsmart its bigger competitor. Many successful business tycoons have stated that high-quality content made their customer buy their services. SEO, SEM, and SMO can only attract the audience to your website, but it is the content that converts the

audience into customers. Quality content is the key growth factor, studies have shown that businesses using high-quality content have improved growth of up to 30% as compared to the businesses not using it. Content marketing is the development of creative and relevant content for their products and services and shared or uploaded through blogs, videos, emails, news articles, social media platforms, and many more to retain the customers and convert your potential customers to makes purchases. To retain the correct customer at the right time delivery of the right content at the right time is very crucial. The main motive of content marketing is to produce more sales and earn more profit, hence the quality of the content should not be compromised. This campaign isn’t expensive and is very cost-effective. Content marketing has always been known for its best ROI and credibility, people would start trusting you more. Along with quality content, the Genuity of content has a decisive role. It fosters better conversion rates. Due to SEO efforts and better content, your website would be more visible to people and create a brand reputation. Great content nurtures prospects and builds a good relationships. Content creation requires proper research of the wantings and needs of the customers or the audience, In addition to SMO and SEO content creation becomes more influential and gives you a competitive advantage environment. Peoples usually share good contents over social media which can be taken into consideration for contenting marketing. Our team is filled with young and experienced brains that will help you to achieve good heights and generate your brand authority.

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Data Analysis


Descriptive Analysis

The conversion of researched and collected data into something meaningful and insightful information is descriptive analysis, this process includes all kinds of manipulation and rearrangements of the data.

The main motive is to analyze the provided information and change it according to the wantings and unwanting of the customers. This is also called descriptive statistics as this analysis helps to summarize and describe the flaws and strengths according to the reports and statistics. This analysis gives us a proper conclusion of the data and helps to detect the areas of improvement. Descriptive statistics include two types of measures, measures of central tendency and measures of variability. Descriptive analysis helps to analyze the trends and relationships. It helps to analyze Traffic and engagement reports, financial report analysis, Demand trends, Aggregated survey results, Progress towards goals. Traffic and engagement reports track the total traffic generated and source of traffic, and it decides the actions that are to be taken in the future in the favour of that. The financial report gives the idea of the commercial health of the company in form of pie charts and graphs to study the trends effectively. Demand trends describe the preference and behaviors of the customer’s likes and dislikes, it makes your job easier to decide the supply of actual demand in the market. Through all the surveys and reports you can plan the future and work on it. Our agency can provide you with all the reports and progress of your company, and keep you updated about your next steps.

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Exploratory Analysis

Also called Exploratory data analysis(EDA) is a data-centric report used by data scientists to analyze and inspect the set of data and summarize it in visual

forms. Basically data interpretation technique to acknowledge various aspects of data. The main motive of EDA is to deploy a machine learning model. EDA gives a basic sense of your data to make it more meaningful afterward. Exploratory data analysis helps us to fetch the loopholes in a web project, helps in discovering data patterns. Mapping out data structures helps to find anomalies in the project. This process is mostly used by business projects, to discover and tackle the flaws of their business model. EDA helps to build a prototype or a base model of a project to experiment and research on it to build a later model. There are various involved in EDA: Data sourcing, data cleansing, Univariate analysis with proper visualization, Bivariate analysis with visualization, and then derived metrics. First data is accumulated from multiple sources for data collection. Once data is collected then it is further transferred for data cleansing where unwanted data are expunged for cleanup. Data cleansing is the process where the quality of the data is improved and are sent for further analysis, it improves the accuracy of the data. After data cleansing, it is further managed in such a manner to bring out a meaningful analytics report. This analysis process has proven very helpful in various scenarios, especially in the business sector. Have your complete analytics report of the project, join Wowdevelopers.

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App Development


Native Mobile Apps:

Most of the marketing channels have been diverted toward mobile marketing channels, hence the app has become a necessity and integrated part of your business model. An exclusive development of an application for a single platform is known as native mobile apps.

This app is developed through development software and programming languages. Mobiles are now part of one’s daily lifestyle, bringing your business to smartphones will show tremendous results. Smartphones app are the best tools in hand to automate your business. The introduction of digital marketing on smartphones has revolutionized the whole market ecosystem. Native mobile apps are known for their best user experience (UX) and platform exclusiveness. Most business companies choose native apps over the web and hybrid apps. Its broad functionality and full access of API (Application programming interface) to the users enables full control over the app. These apps are mostly focused on high-performance builds, it supports gaming and high-end works. Native apps support a better app store and can easily be published. Native mobile apps are used to scale the business due to their flexible cross-platform experience. Cross-platform native apps are beneficial and are generally cost-effective, and easily developed. Native apps are highly responsive and can easily be updated with enhanced updates, these apps are more secure and safe. This app enables more user interaction and provides a smooth user experience. This app allows the developers to access the full features of the hardware of the operating system, for faster and seamless execution. These kinds of apps have the least bugs during development. End-users can create their unique solution according to their desire, due to its advanced customization features. Although having higher cost on development of the app but provides a better return on investment in the long term. Native mobile apps have numerous benefits but they do have some flaws, they are costlier during the development phase but are good in the long run. Wowdevelopers app development team has expertise in creating best-performing apps with very minimal input cost.

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Hybrid Mobile Apps:

The web-based application has gained much more popularity in a few decades, this was initiated in the Web 2.0 era. These are basically server-based applications that solely have their database in a remote server and are accessed through the browser interface. Unlike other mobile apps which operate locally on OS, these are the apps that are operated on web servers. Most web applications are used for e-commerce websites, webmail, and many more.

The main motive behind the web apps was to make them more interactive in the 20s, later on, progressive web apps were introduced which was a massive success. Progressive web apps replaced the traditional web apps with a great leap. People on desktops and laptops mostly prefer web apps for the use of social media and web services. Generation getting faster and faster, web browsers are getting optimized nowadays. Browsers can now bear much load and undergo heavy processes, such as social media web apps, online photo editing, video rendering, and many more. There are tremendous benefits of web apps. Such as, these apps don’t require installation it operates on browsers. One of the most alluring about it is its cost factor, due to no complexion it’s handy to develop hence along with the cost factor it's very less time-consuming. It is developer-friendly, easing customizable by the back-ends. As it is directly linked with the ‘t websites it doesn't require regular updates, and all users can access the same version of the web app at the same time. It has cross-platform compatibility, is easily deployable, has secure online data, incredible flexibility, cloud computing enables infinite storage capacity, and more. On the other hand, due to its internet dependency, it has some flaws with it. Due to the web-dependent factor, it is completely reliant on the internet and the website it is linked to. Due to its dependency, its speed is reduced. Comparatively, its security is less compared to hybrid and native apps. Developers need to keep in mind every browser's compatibility before deploying. Make your own creative and responsive web app for your website with Wowdevelopers. The web app of your website can help your audience to make the platform interactive and bear high conversion rates.

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Web Apps:

Hybrid mobile apps were the game-changer of this digital generation, this was one of the perfect solutions for mobile digitalization. Hybrid apps countered the flaws of the native and web apps at the same time. Hybrid apps can be defined as the fused solution of

native and web applications, they can be used online as well as offline. Other than web apps it can work offline and has an integrated file system with the system, importantly it is a pure app. These apps are generally developed through programming languages and after that through special platforms. With the help of certain plugins, it can access device features. Hybrid apps support cross-platform access. It has a decent user experience. It opens up the opportunity for your audience to connect to you irrespective of the platform. Hybrid apps have numerous benefits such as has enhanced user interface, very cost-effective, enhanced performance, offline accessibility, easy maintenance, agile development, easy expansion of market reach, and many more. It offers a seamless user experience due to its lightweight design and is even faster than other apps. Its versatility offers flawless services across all platforms and adapts to every screen type easily. This app is best to target a larger audience, it is a cost-effective tool to compete in the competitive marketplace. Simplified maintenance, unlike native apps which require regular updates, is as easy as updating a webpage. Sometimes hybrid apps are even faster than responsive apps. The latest updated features are available for all the platforms at the same time. Hybrid apps provide users with open-source code. Also, it has some flaws. It cannot meet the performance of a native app. It has a fragile user management system, due to weblinks associated with the app. Though being offline compatible it has some dependency on the browser such as login window, transaction portals, and many more. It has limited functionality, as it cannot make full use of the system hardware. Along with all its flaws and strengths, it is potentially one of the best decisions for a business model development. Create your own hybrid apps for your website with Wowdevelopers.

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Content and CMS population

People generally prefer doing the research before making a purchase, hence your content regarding the product decides the conversion of the audience into a customer. Content gives your company a competitive advantage in this industry. CMS or Content Management system is an application for manipulating, editing and managing the contents to present it on websites.

Content is first edited in CMS and then are stored in a database and further published on websites. It provides access to multiple users at the same time. This is not only limited to some of the websites but supports all websites. There are several reasons to include CMS in your website, it develops better HUI(Human user interface) websites compared to static websites. Easy deployability creates an immense effect. Facile maintenance and handy updates make CMS an intelligent option to go for. Its open-source code, cost efficiency, and more. Most of the CMS is SEO friendly which makes the work easier. With certain plugins, one can expand its compatibility for several platforms. It eliminates the need for web developers for regular updates, can be updated remotely. This can be used for dynamic marketing to increase growth. Can easily optimize the contents for search engine preference. It improves the security of the content systems. No prior coding knowledge is required for working on CMS, this is even mobile-friendly and handy in use. CMS is also used for the detailed analytics of the business and makes your strategy more powerful. It has archived facilities and is database-driven. Provides workflow management. Sometimes it becomes expensive while customization and upgrades, significant server resources are requisite. With all the benefits and some flaws, we cannot ignore the importance of content on a web page. Content is the main reason why people visit your website instead of others. Make your project the best in the market, join with Wowdevelopers.

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CMS Training

A growing business company is skyrocketing due to its dedicated manpower. Training is an essential sector that has to be enlightened. Many MNCs, corporates, top business companies, and more primarily focus on training thein manpower and invest more in human development and research sectors. All top business leaders acknowledge the fact that behind every successful company established there is a dedicated experienced and trained team.

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